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  Soli Besharat

SOLI was founded in 1997 in Los Angeles, as a response to trade clientele that required a higher level of product specifics and support. SOLI developed a reputation for providing remarkable customer service through an unmatched level of expertise and confidence. As the customer profile grew to include major retailers, the company developed SOLISTONE, Inc., a retail distributor of decorative pebble tile and natural stone.

Built on a principle of contrast, SOLI’s surfaces are contemporary yet classic, luxurious yet suitable for commercial or residential use. Many of the products can be custom designed for color, size, finish and thickness and may be delivered ready for a contractor to install. Whether SOLI is servicing its clients for luxury residences, condos, casinos, hotels, national retail stores or restaurants, every member of the team draws inspiration from natural surroundings, industry trends and input from today’s leading architects and designers.

SOLI’s signature style boasts clean lines and minimalist symmetry, creating an organic and sophisticated look. Decorative finishes for natural stone add a fresh perspective to traditional materials. Basalt, Granite, Marble and Limestone are all available in a variety of distinctive surface treatments, demonstrating that stone can be a durable yet design driven accessory for projects.